Saturday, August 01, 2015,

*Effie Trinket voice*

Welcome, welcome.

This is aaliilogue, an infant blog about food, photography and everyday random stuff.
It's run by two sisters who have been removed from the ever changing seasons of Pakistan and have been left to freeze in the British summer. And since it rains all the bloody time, we've decided to give up the outdoors to sit behind a bright lit screen at 2am in the morning and write about the lives of a post teen (who's in denial of her ever so ageing life) and a teen (who basically hates the world because of the 'no-one gets me' phase).
Make yourselves comfortable and feel free to stalk us as much as you would like (because otherwise mum will say that we wasted our summer holidays and then we'll get an hour or so long lecture and nothing will stick in our heads about making our future bright and blah blah blah, so please, stalk us, our lives depend on it).

Now you shall be one of the best ever people in the whole wide world and subscribe to our blog and make sure to check out our social media tabs in the right hand corner underneath our oh so *candid* blogger faces. 

Yours sincerely,


  1. Already loving your blog! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you CC, i hope you enjoy this roller coaster of a journey we've opted to take. -Sanna.

  2. Even tho it's on blogger, i'm kinda in love with the design. Best of luck! 😄

    1. All hail the Blog designer, and i'll act as if i didn't read the first part of the comment. Thank you Junaid. Haha! :p
      - Sanna.

  3. Awesome intro ladies! Love the design. Unlike some people, big blogger fan, since I had a blog on here back in the mid-2000s for just over a year.