Well I'm 16, might as well write a blogpost about it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015,


I am officially 16! (according to my birth certificate anyway because technically I’ve been alive for 9 more months, I think.)

Honestly though, I feel no different except the fact that I shall miss breakfast so that I can gobble down more food later (sorry mum) I know that breakfast is important but I’m finally only two years away from adulthood, which mean I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT (as long as mum says yes heuheu) To be honest I don’t even know what I want to write about. I can’t actually believe that Apa is letting me post random shizz for my birthday. She’s kind of a very untidy, 'apparently' organised-mess-control-freak. So yeah, she’s got problems

*insert ‘she needs to sort out her priorities’ meme*

I know so many people that are going through a fake mid-life crisis with being 26 years old (I’m looking at you @idualy (don’t kill me, love u kthxbye) seriously, I’ve lived 16 years and have been fully conscious for about 6 months of that and I can say from the heart of my bottom that age is a literal number babayyy. You can be a certain age but your mind-set can be timeless (#cheesy).
Well, one of reasons that I’m finally glad that I’m 16 is because for four years, I was the youngest child in my year group at school and that meant that I NEVER got to have a birthday at school. It was always in the holidays. Sucks, right? But that was the best part as well; if I didn’t do well, I blamed it on my brain not being as developed as everybody else's xDDD  and when I did do well, I silently felt a tiny bit happy.

I think I’ve learnt a lot of things in my 16 years (and probable nine months)

1)  Crying is okay. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be the first thing we do when we’re born. With all the pointless crazy hormonal levels that we teenagers have, it’s okay to cry a little. If they kill OFF YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER IT’S OKAY TO CRY BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LOVED JACK BUT CLEARLY ROSE IS A HEARTLESS FAT COW J and that’s okay (it’s really not.)

2)  Good friends are a god-send. I can honestly say that the people I talk to every day, I am glad for their existence. Who you become as a person is a mere collection of those around you, and for that you need to choose those people wisely. And I’m beginning to feel like that’s the only-solid-no-regret-decision that I’ve made in my life (so far…) I have a deep love and respect for the people that I talk to because to me, you’re worth something.

3)  This brings me to say, don’t be an idiot and keep quiet when you want something. You have a mouth and voice, use it. The only one in the world can tell a person about you is yourself. Make your words count. This goes the same for when something strikes your fancy. Let it be known. Make your opinion count. Get heard because if you feel for something, you can potentially change lives (or even the world.)

4)  Trigonometry is really fun. Maths is a pointless subject most of the time but nothing is more fun than knowing that Jack will fall of his ladder (and probably die) if he keeps it at 108 degrees. Also, it feels really great when you find out what the symbols on your calculator are used for (haha such a sad life) 
5)  If you’re a 13 year old wondering why on earth can you not bake a nice looking batch of cookies, chances are that it’s probably because the universe was waiting for the right age for you to stumble upon ‘The Law Students Diary’ and then the next thing you know, you’re 15 and it’s the summer of '15 and you can definitely say, without doubt, that you’ve baked at least 200 cookies in two months.

6)  School is ending. And you’re really happy about it. But then you realise that you’ve literally allowed those people to see you change. You went from being an absolute potato to a little bit more defined potato in front of those people and they didn’t disown you (This point has no point tbh).

7)  You will probably find a hobby that you absolutely love at this age. And then you’ll get bored. And then you’ll find another. And love it so very much, before you get bored again and give it up. Then you’ll find another one and get bored and give up and this will probably carry on for a good five years before your favourite hobby is something that you started doing when you were probably about 5 years old.

8)  CHANGE YOUR MIND. And then change it again because this is the only age when people will turn the other cheek when you make like a thousand teenager-y mistakes. Because once you get older, things start to become permanent. And that sucks.

9)  Hugging. I swear to god, hugging is like one of the best things in the entire world. So, hug your mum, hug your sister and hug everyone you hold dear. Hugging is so fun. Actually, funny story, I love hugging so much that when I was younger, my older cousin gave me the nickname ‘gum-stick’. If I meet you, I’d probably go for a hug before I even think about going in for a handshake :3 (brace yourselves)
(*sends out virtual hug*)
(I’d like for a virtual hug back pls).

10)  This post is getting too long oops. Oh yeah, know your limits. Especially when it comes to schools and deadlines and ish. It will help in the future (well, that’s what I’ve heard anyway).

11)  Do something physically spontaneous because soon you’ll be old and you’ll sound like a plastic water bottle every time you move.

12) DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKES I MADE. Learn how to ride a bicycle, whistle and swim.

13)  Be wise and don’t do all those at once^.

14)   If somebody comes up to you and says that they don’t like chocolate, cut them out of your life. You don’t need such negative behaviour in your life.

15)   Learn how to cook. Before you turn 16, you’ll have a lot of free time,  cooking/ baking is a legit stress reliever. Also, if something turns out hella'r amazing, you get to taste it and then be like ‘wow me, you’re such a pro at life’

16) And to end with. Things go wrong. It’s easier to accept it sometimes.

cue ‘a place in this world’ by Taylor Swift

Now I shall go and pretend to act like royalty because it’s my day (and also the day of millions of other people)

Sarah xx 

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  1. This was so funny! Me thinks Apa should let you write more posts in the future hehe. (Listen to your elders Apa!!)

    Funny that I'm reading this as someone who is twice your age Sarah...I know how to swim and ride a bike, but can't whistle.

    I do know how to cook - learned from Amma while I lived in Prague (medical school), so I can make a mean spicy chicken curry (friends will attest to that, as well as the cook of the Japanese ambassador to the Czech Republic I might add, mmhmm).

    Agreed on the chocolate point.

    Was great seeing the snapchat footage of your special day and your awesome GCSE results - well done ma'sha'allah!

    OMG, completely agree on the hugs! Best thing Allah ever invented - I'm known as the one who is too touchy-feely in the extended family haha! I'm a super affectionate person :D As far as my cousin-sisters, I sometimes manage to sneak in a peck on the cheek after not seeing them for a long time, which is more common these days. Forehead kisses another thing I like giving :))

    sending you virtual (=halal) hugs - stay the same insha'allah, I know you'll mature into an amazing woman and Muslimah in the coming years, but I pray that inner lively spirit you have remains no matter what life throws at you!

    May Allah (swt) Bless you with more success, joy and happiness in the coming years. Ameen.

    - Your proud and loving Anees bhaya :)