Potato Salad

Monday, August 24, 2015,

You can already see the blogging-lag, can you not?

In our defence, we've been super busy and caught up with things from travelling nearly every other week to nearby (or far) towns, to covering our very first wedding (and hopefully last, MAYN, it's, erm, well, rather stressful), to travelling a little more.

So here's an easy peasy potato salad recipe (because lets face it, aaloo's are lifesavers!), that should bring us back into the hang of things around this space.

You will need:
  • 3 diced potatoes, 
  • One very small, finely chopped onion, 
  • Capsicum (as much as you want, we used 1 and a half of different colours), 
  • 3 small carrots finely chopped, 
  • 10 olives cut into three slices,
  • Half a tin can of sweet corn
  • Some coriander to decorate with.
  • And some tamarind sauce, imlee ki chutney, if you prefer it not-dry and tangy.

So let us get peelin' (because people say crackin', and this isn't an egg that we're talking about, and well, it's Sanna editing the final post and i'm trying too hard to be Sarah so please, just play along will you?)

1) First, boil the diced potatoes for about 7 mins, make sure to keep an eye on it because you dont want it to be too fluffy or too hard 'cuz that's just nasty.  After the potatoes have been boiled, drain and let them cool.

2) Meanwhile prepare a baking tray, yes, we shall be baking it a bit. Cover it with foil, drizzle only a little but of oil and season the tray with salt, pepper, paprika, oregano (or any other spices depending on what you like).

3) After the potatoes have cooled down a bit, shift them to the baking tray and toss it around so that the flavour is incorporated, but do make sure you don't break the potatoes, because, it's a potato salad, not halwa. Sprinkle some grated cheese on top, because, cheese is love, and if you don't, then, well, we can still be friends but we get your share of cheese too, okay?

4) Cut you vegetables in little slices or cubes, because you'll need them soon.

5) Bake in a preheated (180/200 C) oven for 7/10 minutes, grill a little if you're going for the look and texture afterwards, it's pretty heavenly and oh, the crispy texture.

6) Now prepare a wok with half a teaspoon of olive oil, throw in the onions and wait for them to brown a little. Then add the rest of the vegetables, season and spice according to taste, and stir-fry them for a good 5/10 mins (depending on the heat at your end, and the crispiness/sogginess you're going for).

7) Now move the vegetables to a dish and add the grilled potatoes on top and mix well (like a salad) Toss it baby, toss it. But if you make a mess, it's not our fault.

Throw some mint or coriander leaves on top and cubes of cheese, we chose cheddar,  to garnish and voila, you're ready.

It's a pretty easy recipe, and a great one when you want a quick little snack.

Be sure to clear the worktops afterwards and wash all the dishes, because there is nothing worse than an angry Mumma! (hehe)

If you have a go, let us know.
We'll love to hear about it.

Till later,

- aaliilogue.

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