Saturday, December 12, 2015,

Sickening world.
Sickening individuals.
Horrifying state of affairs.
Sick of giving justifications against the atrocities committed around the globe.
Sick of having the strain to answer for actions committed by individuals you never knew existed.
Sick of having them tarnish your religion.
Your people.

Sick of it all.

I don't see this getting any better.


But, I do.

I see people picking others up.
Regardless of colour or race.
I see people caring.
Regardless of religion or ethnicity.
I see people wiping your tears.
I see people stand beside you.

Maybe that's what matters.
Maybe it's what people do to make you smile, that matters.
Maybe it isn't the people who cause you harm.
Maybe, just maybe, it's those who stand with you in the darkest of times that matter more than people who fail to see.
Who refuse to see.

And maybe we've been approaching life wrong.

Maybe, it mattered all along.

But we thrived on negativity.
We thrive on negativity.
On hopelessness.

And diminished our souls.
To when they no longer functioned.

Maybe. Just maybe.
We might see again.

The hope.
That shelters.

The hope.
That is home.

Hope, is Home.