Why we hate seagulls.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016,

Blackpool, oh my goodness, where do I even begin?
It was one of the worst trip we've ever taken (if not the worst one)

Can't access Youtube? We have it under control. Alternative at the end of the blog post.

Why? you may ask. Well, because it didn't stop raining the entire time we were there BUT like that stopped our dheet Pakistaniyat *flicks hijab back* from going out.
Luckily, we were about a ten minute walk away from the nearest pier which meant that we were definitely going to walk to the beach. which is exactly what we did but we didn't actually go on the beach because that was a massive health hazard and we didn't really feel like being washed into the sea that day. We had standard brollies with us, but noooo, that was not enough because when it rains, England wants to make sure that people have physical evidence of the rain aka drenched clothes. So, @apaali and I went and bought ourselves some good ol' £1 umbrellas from the local store, and we still use them like every week.

(Thank God for accidentally good umbrellas).

Honestly, the entire trip was so traumatising for me and I cannot bring myself to remember what we actually did on the trip. But oh. my. God. 

Blackpool taught me one thing for sure; I HATE SEAGULLS.
It's not that i actually hate them but they terrify the life out of me. Apa and I were being good punctual people and tried to go to bed at like 12am, but noooo, the seagulls were so frigging loud that we couldn't sleep. I don't know if they were having a party or maybe we came in the middle of a seagull music festival but if was truly horrifying.

I swear i can still hear them whenever i close my eyes, also, it wasn't like a one night thing- they did it both nights and it was great because Baba is a light sleeper anyway- so hearing a Pakistani dad curse seagulls in urdu is quite fun. 

Then we went to Lake District for a day because we hated Blackpool and couldn't stand to be in the same city as those seagulls for another day. but we still came back that night and the seagulls were sure enough waiting to have their midnight fiesta once again *rolls eyes till they fall out of my head*. 

Honestly, if you go to Blackpool during a rainstorm, with dull and bloody grey skies encapsulating the vistas + off-peak season, you will be scared. It felt like the most daunting place to be in for someone from the city. I swear to God, not even kidding but the place could've been a set for a horror film and i would've believed them. Everyone walked slowly and was dressed in grey (not really my style tbh because we're all about lawn prints lmao) the only really cute thing that they had was their tram service (they looked creepy in black and white tho) Oh and they had these fortune telling shops and my soul felt like it was being suffocated (no joke). 

Having said all this, Im pretty sure Blackpool is actually a very nice place when the sun is out and people don't look like they'll kill you because you're brown.

We don't plan on visiting the city anytime soon, but if you had a lovely experience, please to share, we might just change our minds in a million years, jokes, death will consume us by then.

We are aware that this a dreary post, but you might just feel half of our experience in words.

catch y'all soon.

- Sarah (@aaliisarah)

Here's the video alternative for all those who can't access Youtube, for one stupid reason or the other *boooooo*.

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