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Sunday, June 05, 2016,


Featuring the first ever Quran buddy post onto our Blog
Just like the previous years, here's the 'Quran Buddy' reminder.

Sometimes you need to be physically answerable to people to get your work done.

So for this Ramadan, I'll strongly suggest that you get a QURAN BUDDY. 
Somebody you can trust, healthily compete with, and not be ashamed of.

It can be your parents, siblings, any other family member or friends. If you find it hard, you can also comment below and maybe pair up with someone here. Last year a couple of people did and I had the biggest smile on my face and the fuzziest feeling in my heart.
Gotta love the good sides of social media. Hehe. 🤓

This is not to compete with who finishes the Quran first or how many times, instead, it is to keep a check on yourself, to not fall behind and maintain a healthy balance in the blessed month. Your target should be reading the Quran, at least once, and if you're a female version of the human specie, *Drum-roll*, you need to keep in mind your time of the month too. 🐣

It shouldn't affect your 'Allah conscience-ness', instead should strengthen it.

My quran buddy is Ambreen Baji, (@ProudPakistanii). 😊
Remember me, my family and Ambreen Baji's family in your sincerest of Duas.
Especially Ambreen Baji's Mother who passed away recently. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala bless Aunty with an easy aakhirah, forgive her shortcomings and elevate her in status and grant her the highest place in Jannah, and make her kids a source of Sadqah-e-Jaariah for her. Ameen.

Hope you all have a lovely and a fruitful Ramadan.

- Sanna

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