The Dovedale Diary.

Thursday, September 22, 2016,

Let me tell you a funny story about how we were forced to go to a place with no signal. 

It all started on a Friday when Amma decided that enough was enough and that we need to go and explore a new place... which happened to be Dovedale. I (Sarah) didn't have a problem with it because i love exploring and all that funky jazz but when i was made aware of the fact that i would have to wait till 8pm to upload my snap story,
'eh but i got over that in the next 10 minutes lmao. so, moving on.

We went to Dovedale on a fairly lit Sunday (AMEN)
(10 points to whoever understood my pun regarding christianity and Sunday being the holy day and Jesus being taught as the light of the world in my RE lessons) Hehe.

Anyhoo, we got to Dovedale at some hour of the early/afternoon day thing and the journey was pretty cute.
The fields were cute.
The cows were cute.
Apa sleeping with her mouth wide open was not cute.
Mama making videos of apa sleeping was really cute *wink face @apaali*.

What can i say, everything was green (Afff... Apa Censors word) and that is just how we like it.

So we got there and parked the car and saw several lovely white people who didn't look scared of us which was a good thing.
(Usually we get a stare or two, and a quick glance and eye movements, just making you more conscious than needed, smh)
Or if you're lucky enough, you might just get called the Bomb Squad, whilst you cross the road.
All thanks to the lovely freaks in Derby.
Anyhoo, where were we?

Oh yes, Mum and Apa prayed their Zuhr in the car which also didn't scare the white folks and that is just some next level nice people y'all. So, we got out of the car and saw a cute little side cafe that sold some pretty nice flavours of ice cream, (Mum and I stared Apa for chanting Rum and Raisin, Rum and Raisin, smh)
What did we do then??
Hmm, we bought ice cream even before the trip officially started. 🤓

That was some good ice cream bruhhhhh then i saw a dog and also cried but other than that we carried on to the first location aka the stepping stones.

We got to the stepping stones and stepped across the river because plot twist, there's no other way to get across. (There is a little bridge, but stepping stones sound so much more fun, so we'll go with that version of the story, kapeesh?
We hopped across and found a green patch on the hill (it was all green tbh) and had our lunch.

Then i forced mother to walk ahead with me to go and see the ducks *quack quack*

It seemed like a nice place by now, so I grabbed my camera out of my bag and put in a fresh/new/cute SD card (which i was saving for this trip btw) i turned the camera on and it told me that my SD was shit and wasn't going to work...ok, so it didn't say that but it might as well have smh.
Because that's what it seemed like anyway.
Then i stomped away blah blah blah and went to mum because mums can fix everything blah blah blah etc. 
(Sanna deems it worthy of a mention, Sarah's stroppiness, even though she tried to bloody well fix her crappy little device, little miss attitude here always likes to, well, be a little diva and show attitude, not caring if she's in a public setting or not! *Rolls eyes*)

Yeah peeps, we argue and fight more than the whole mushy outlook we have. Sisters.
Can't live with them, and, erm, can't live with them. *Sticks tongue out!*

So Anyhoo.

There was a lot of climbing too which left us sweaty and tired because we are old people. We then wanted to walk to a cave from the map, which we did. and when we got to the cave, it was the most disappointing cave in the history of caves. It was so ugly and stinky. i hated it. it was ugly. and did i mention stinky?? 

Oh and we also saw this cute lil rock formation that looked like Aslan's head aka a Lion's head.

This took us about two hours?? And then we decided to head back so that mum could buy her ice cream. 

We walked parallel to the river, on paved and unpaved paths, walking across wooden planks and slated slopes. It was easy going down, but climbing them back to get to our car, we huffed and puffed, and sat down to catch a breath and drank Baba's infamous Qahwa, a must on our little trips. We admired the view for some time sitting on a bench on the Lovers Leap. (We don't know the story behind the cheesy name) Lol.

We trekked back on our path, on the way with found this fallen tree across the river that you could climb, so we did #duh.
We took some photos (#Duh!) and apa asked me for my phone to make a video from and i refused so we argued on the river and i walked away leaving her to enjoy her life on a log. alone. 

(Life's always so much more peaceful without this aafat ki parkaala anyway)

Then when that was over, we decided to drive down to a B&B, bed and breakfast, where they sold some fresh dairy ice cream (i feel like this entire post is about ice creams and just us eating stuff).

We had the ice cream in the,
with no signals
I got scared and sat on top of the bench with my feet up.
Everyone had a laugh at my expense, but I don't care, I was safe up there.

And thennnn we made our way back home and i don't remember the journey because i slept the entire way! And so did Apa, surprise surprise!

All i remember is arriving at home and uploading my snap story and then it all goes blank again #A*ForMyMemory.

And that is it. goodbye children.

*This post was not an enlightenment post, it is a post to look back on and laugh at in a couple of years. 🤓


  1. Hahaha! Enjoyed giving this one a read! A* for the photography (let's just not talk about your memory!) :D

    1. Hehe, we're glad you enjoyed it. and Thank you ever so much for the appreciation. :)