DAY 2 // The time i drowned. Twice. || Switzerland Trip

Saturday, March 11, 2017,

Out of any place in the world, my Naani (grandmother) has always wanted to visit Switzerland. So when I disclosed about my trip, she was beyond excited, a little jealous, but excited. Haha.
The blogpost and clips from the short video will clearly tell you why! 😂

The weather, we have to admit, was beyond welcoming throughout our trip!
So lucky and so grateful! 😁
We had to meet our cohort in the morning to embark on our coach and set off for the Village of Vals.

Day 1 // Lost in Zurich || Switzerland Trip.

Friday, March 10, 2017,

To say I was excited for this trip would have been an understatement. This was probably one of the very few things getting me through the last year of University ever since it started. So when they announced that this year's international trip would be to Switzerland, there were no questions asked except, when do we fly? 😁

I was ready to sacrifice pretty food over a trip to the ever so dreamy Switzerland!

As always, I was the annoying weirdo with her phone camera in everyone's face, so go watch the video clip that I whipped up with my limited tech capacity. Hardyhaarhaar.

And as always, we had some fun tales to tell from each day, lemons I tell you.