Day 1 // Lost in Zurich || Switzerland Trip.

Friday, March 10, 2017,

To say I was excited for this trip would have been an understatement. This was probably one of the very few things getting me through the last year of University ever since it started. So when they announced that this year's international trip would be to Switzerland, there were no questions asked except, when do we fly? 😁

I was ready to sacrifice pretty food over a trip to the ever so dreamy Switzerland!

As always, I was the annoying weirdo with her phone camera in everyone's face, so go watch the video clip that I whipped up with my limited tech capacity. Hardyhaarhaar.

And as always, we had some fun tales to tell from each day, lemons I tell you.

Breakfast that made us yearn for summer in a mouthful. *Cries*

We started off early in the morning, I say early but we had to meet at 8, early for me okay? Learning we were to have one hand luggage was a nightmare, those who know me, know how much stuff I carry. Everywhere. I'm practically a mule. 🙄

So trying to stuff my suitcase at night, and filling every nook and cranny with cereal bars and chocolates, because we learnt that Switzerland was expensive, and us Desi will never fork out on expensive food, so yeah, doing that, I slept for 2 hours before flying, so cranky Sanna was expected.

We boarded the coach to Luton, flew at 1pm and arrived in Zurich.

(See, I can be short and precise and to the point when I want to, hehe!)

There was such a cute reunion, i was too busy AWWWWing to film it.

We had the evening to ourselves to walk around Zurich from our Hostel, which was pretty neat btw considering I thought, well from the photos it seemed like, a little questionable? But pleasantly surprised I was, it was pretty cute, nice and simple and no bakwaas, until we got to our rooms, THERE WAS NO TOILET OR SHOWER, and I'm not about that life, the fact that I had to don a scarf, cover my arms and not be able to walk out in PJs to pee in the middle of the night was a bloody scary thought, the WCs and shower rooms were located outside on the floor, lets say Hostels are not my thing after that.

We met as a cohort, and left for the main city on the tram. Well, that's what we thought. We sat on the tram for 8-10 minutes, and walked the rest 45 trying to figure out where we were, can't stress enough how much I missed internet on my phone! Walking in big ginormous groups with no sense of direction is painful.

SK was supposed to meet her cousins, who had flown in from India for a Swiss visit too, and luckily she had internet on her phone, well, that's what we thought. Her phone decided to throw spazattacks and shut down every other minute, when that wasn't enough, her google maps went haywire and then the play store decided to throw a tantrum, and all this whilst we walked on our tiny little feet across the streets in a foreign land, a cranky Sanna it was.

We met her cousins after a delay of nearly two hours. TWO HOURS! Luckily we had girls from our class who stuck the whole way through, it was now a mission to unite the two families, and we weren't giving up. LOL!

We walked and asked for the Central Station, logged into Wifis by street corners and restaurants, in the end, aqalmand me asked SK if she knew any of her family's number, she's from Kenya, so it was an international affair throughout! She did, we sat in a cafe like restaurant, God bless free wifi, called her sister in Kenya, got the number off of her of her cousin who was probably in a mile radius of where we were, managed to call him finally, and met. The reunion was so cute, and a little awkward for me because I was like the fourth wheel, but so cute!

The fun doesn't stop here. We walked around Zurich to find a nice place to eat, preferably desi because we needed that tarkaaa! Found one, the peeps there were rude, we walked out, in circles again, met our friends from our class on the way, bear in mind we have no idea how to get back to the hostel. LOL. Tied up a time with them to meet, had half an hour to gulp down food, which was Italian btw, because pizzas and pastas ftw. And bid farewell to SK's cousin and wife. Bhai reminded me so much of a cousin of my own, and I couldn't help feel homesick, and messaging him at the earliest availability. Life's mysterious and God works in wonderful ways.

We explored Zurich on foot, the Barcelona crew had reunited! (The Barcelona blogpost will probably happen after I graduate inshaAllah, so everyone needs to pray that I actually do. Okay?) Plus it helped to know that YPY had been to Switzerland before so she could recall her ways through the alleys, because we were in no position to navigate through on our own.

We trammed it back to the hostel nearly at midnight. LH spent hours fixing SK's phone, it was now everyone's problem! 😂

We packed and got stuff ready for the next day as we had to check out, catch a coach to a village, and then move to Basel the same day.

All this on two hour sleep was so much fun. Not.

Kids, sleep properly okay? If you aren't already reading this. Hehe.

I can't even express how glad I was to put my head on the pillow and dose off. The trip was off to a crazy start. The next three days were promised to be happening. And happening they were.

Did I write down how we bumped into some lovely people, and how some of them were proper *beeps*?, I know it's not nice to say, but the people since we landed, well, we weren't fond of their attitude. It didn't change much throughout the trip. Which was a bummer.

More kahaaniyaan in the next post. This one is long as it is.


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  1. Quite an adventure you kiddos had! Hey do NOT diss the Google Play store, mmmkay? :p

    Well all that Wifi and phone drama provided for some great story-telling, init? #AneesTryingToBeBritish The reunion sounded quite fun! Ugh, noly two hours sleep - yuck - yes I endorse the sleep advice. Immune system takes a big hit with prolonged lack of sleep, so kids, listen to aunty Sanna! :D

    Enjoyed the vlogs - yes gave both a thumbs up, don't worry.

    So the Swiss people weren't pleasant? Proper *bleeps* huh?

    Nice post. Always entertaining :)