The Chocolate Dream.

Friday, November 24, 2017,

Whenever I hear of anybody breaking the mould in South Asian Desi households, I can’t help but feel they need to be heard, and their stories need to be told, louder and clearer. 

This is one such story.
And a little close to my heart too, because it is about someone shattering the norms and making their own moulds. Quite literally. Hehe.

I love Eshqrock and you will too!!

Hey everyone!

Recently I got sent two pieces of jewellery by an etsy shop (which I’m sure you’ve seen on my Instagram).

Well, let me tell you about HOW FREAKING COOL THIS COMPANY IS!!!

It’s called Eshqrock and it is designed by the queen that is Mindy (whom I call Mindy Baji because I’ve adopted her to be my big sister, so yeah surprise, I have a new sister and @apaali is out of the game *shrug emoji*.)