I love Eshqrock and you will too!!

Friday, November 24, 2017,

Hey everyone!

Recently I got sent two pieces of jewellery by an etsy shop (which I’m sure you’ve seen on my Instagram).

Well, let me tell you about HOW FREAKING COOL THIS COMPANY IS!!!

It’s called Eshqrock and it is designed by the queen that is Mindy (whom I call Mindy Baji because I’ve adopted her to be my big sister, so yeah surprise, I have a new sister and @apaali is out of the game *shrug emoji*.)

What started as an instagram collaboration has legit turned into what feels like family which is why I am GOING TO TELL YOU ALL THAT YOU SHOULD GET DEFINITELY CHECK OUT HER SHOP AND BAG SOME OF THOSE CUTE ASS ITEMS!!!!

· Firstly, I received my pomegranate earrings which are so cute because I’ve never seen ‘anaar’ earrings before! (ya know you always see crappy apple or pineapple or banana earrings but never pomegranate ones, maybe they're too cultural LOL) The earrings are part of the CRIMSON collection! The main theme of the collection is obviously crimson coloured but there are plenty more pomegranate themed pieces in the collection and trust me, they’re beautiful!

Also fun fact: the whole anaar theme came from Mindy Baji’s (soon to be) sister-in-law (@keeratkaur) because she always doodles/sews anaars everywhere (obvs just like Baji, Keerat is super cool and has her own embroidery themed store called Keerat-Kaur.com)

· Secondly, I got my rough stone ring which actually used to be a shell at one point but turned into an agate stone because we’re assuming that the animal that lived in it was like 50 million years old… so yeah ya girl has a very old home on her finger for the rest of time!!. The best thing about the ring is how minimalistic it looks even though it can give off a very fancy vibe! Perfect for a casual and a night-time outfit!

ALSO I KNOW YOU WANT 10% OFF ESHQROCK BECAUSE WHY NOT!! and you can! Just enter the code 'AALIILOGUE10' when checking out!! Get dem presents ladies!! (and fellas, get dem presents for the women in your life too, because let's be honest, they rock)

anyway y'all, I have a whole load more blogposts lined up!

See you then!
-Sarah (@aaliisarah)

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