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I'll be the clumsy hijabi with an unnecessarily heavy shoulder bag on one side, a camera strap around her neck, phone in one hand and a scrunched up tissue in the other (because lets face it, somehow, and always, I end up with one, and I kind of freak out if I don’t). Wandering the woods, the streets, jumping across puddles, stopping by quirky places and intriguing spaces.
Somebody who'll always stop at the sight of a cricket ball or a bat, or when she sees the Green flag with its white crescent, a day in the life of a perpetually complicated, identity crisis-stricken post-teen/young adult (I never actually ever went through my teenage years tbh), sigh; lost in thought, awe, wonder, amazement and deep-rooted nostalgia.

Bleh, who am i kidding?

You'll find me in my most comfortable pair of PJs, a ruffed up bun (yes, we do have hair under all that cloth), nerdy glasses (wearing them since i was 10), and a baggy tee (because oversized shirts for president!), sipping on a cuppa soup (all hail bipolar British weather) and dreaming of warmth, sand, blue skies and the sun.

1/2 of Aaliilogue, saunf lover (I've been told i need professional help), firework crank (those who know me, know i love, love, lurrrve fireworks!), desi alien (trust me, i can never put a finger on how and why, and *when* i jump between languages, Urdu and English, cons of being bi-lingual, you never know a language too well) and a Buddhi rooh, Daadi Amma, a creepy old cranky soul. Haha. Sad times.

You'll find me ranting and raving, writing, and microblogging in this little space of ours. I collect (more like hoard) pretty things, like notebooks and badges, and bags and, okay Sanna, let us not get carried away; take a photograph or two, cook, experiment and design things that may or may not make sense, are edible or presentable. Doodling everywhere and on everything is fun and so is making people smile.

Did i mention i'm pretty random?
Also, sometimes i get carried away when i talk or write.

Ha. Enter at your own risk. *Smirk*

-Sanna (ApaAli) 

Well, hello there.

My name is Sarah (which is Haras(s) backwards. I know, it sucks.)

I’m ½ Aaliilogue and 1/2 always tired; which means nothing tbh but still. I sort of love photography because it's my escape from all the academic shit we're forced to do in order to proceed in life *apparently*

I deeply enjoy wasting my time and being a couch potato which is funny because I believe Potatoes to be the most superior vegetable, which reminds me that potatoes have endless dishes, which reminds me of cooking, which reminds me of bread, which brings me to tell you that I ALWAYS and I mean ‘ALWAYS’ burn my toast, it’s not even that I try to burn it; it just happens. Speaking of burning things; I ALWAYS burn my tongue whenever I drink hot chocolate. And I’ve sort of accepted that fact now so I’ve just stopped drinking hot chocolate… (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. No,I haven’t.)

And now I shall leave you with the words of the genius ‘Imperial Mammoth’

“And though your arms and legs are under
love will be the echo in your
ears, when all is lost
and plunder,
my love will be there still. “

(how lovely)

-Sarah (aaliisarah) 

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